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DIY By the Bucket

Our DIY By the Bucket option is a great way to have beautiful, locally grown flowers with a personal touch, without breaking the bank. This is perfect for those who are excited to arrange their own flowers, or who have friends and family who enjoy working with flowers.  


Our DIY By the Bucket flowers are available May-October.  We operate on a first come first served basis so please contact us early to reserve flowers for your date.

Many of our brides like the colorful look of having just walked out in the garden to gather a bouquet, but if you have a color scheme in mind we can try to work with your specific palette, especially if you let us know far enough in advance.

We sell only locally and responsibly grown, seasonal flowers, so what you get depends largely on the time of year. We are happy to show you what we generally have available. Keep in mind that while we can guarantee beautiful, fresh flowers for your big day, we cannot necessarily guarantee you a specific bloom on a specific day. 


We sell most of our flowers by the bucket.  Each bucket has enough material to make about 5-8 mason jar sized arrangements.  Some large blossoms such as peonies, tuberose, and sunflowers are priced by the stem.  In addition to focal flowers, each bucket contains a variety of accent blooms and foliage to help your flowers shine. Buckets are $50-75 each, plus tax. We also charge a $5 deposit for our buckets which is returned to you when the buckets are returned to us.

How it Works

Please fill out our Wedding & Event contact form to request flowers for your big day. We will let you know if we have availability that day. If we can accept your request, we will send you an invoice. A non-refundable deposit of 25% reserves your flowers, and the remainder is due at pick-up. As the date approaches, we will schedule an on-farm pick-up for a day or so in advance of your event. Please note that we only accept cash and checks at this time.


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Is DIY Right for Me?

Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for a great DIY experience.

Time. Do you have the time to come to the farm and pick up your flowers, and the time to create your own wedding arrangements? Do you have friends and family who are willing and able to help? Plan on picking your flowers up at least the day before your event and make sure to give yourself and your friends plenty of time to work with them, especially if you are new to flower arranging.

Space. Do you have enough room in your car to transport your flowers? (Make sure to bring along a tarp to prevent splashing!) Do you have a cool spot where you can store your flowers before and after arranging them, and a good work space out of the sun and wind where you can make a big mess? Your flowers will stay fresher the longer you can keep them in water and out of the sun and wind. 

Materials. Do you have all of the tools and materials you need? This includes sharp scissors or clippers, vases or containers (it's important that they are super clean because bacteria and dirt will clog flower stems and prevent them from taking up water), florist tape, florist wire, corsage pins, and ribbons. All of these items can be bought at your local craft store, but it's a good idea to get them ahead of time.

Creativity. Are you excited to create your own flowers, or do you have a friend or family member who is? What is your or their skill and confidence level working with flowers? We recommend watching a few basic tutorials on you-tube and/or making a mock up. If you are excited about doing most of your flowers but there are a few elements that make you nervous, like your bouquet or boutonnieres, consider our A La Carte Designs option where you can customize a combination of buckets and arrangements.

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