Why Local Flowers?

Who doesn’t love a bouquet of fresh flowers? We think flowers are even more lovable if you know where they came from and how they were grown. The local flower movement, much like the local food movement, encourages consumers to question the origins and impact of the flowers they buy.

Although flowers go in the vase and not on the plate, their origins are just as important. Where your flowers were grown and how far they travel to your vase impacts their freshness, scent, and vase life, as well as their carbon footprint. How your flowers were grown impacts not only the health of the farm where they’re grown, but also the health and safety of the workers handling them, and you, the consumer, enjoying them.  

The vast majority of flowers purchased in this country are not grown in this country, and many are grown in countries without adequate environmental and labor regulations in place. Commercial, conventionally grown flowers are typically bred for travel and have lost many of the more romantic qualities of garden flowers, including their scent.

Photo by Hayley Osborne

Local flower farmers offer an alternative. When you buy flowers from Blue Heron Farm, you know the story behind those flowers, and it’s one that we’re proud of. Our flowers are grown with love, using ecologically responsible practices that promote a healthy farm, as well as healthy farmers and customers. Our flowers are fresh, fragrant, and seasonal, harvested at their peak for fantastic vase life. And when you buy our flowers, you are supporting your neighbor and your community. Thank you for choosing local flowers!

Watch his video from the ASCFG for more on local flowers


Local Flower Resources

Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart- an eye-opening look at the commercial cut flower industry and a great read.

The 50 Mile Bouquet by Debra Prinzing- a beautiful little book packed with information on local flower growers around the country.

Manifesto for a Better Bouquet by Farmer/Florist Jennie Love of Love 'n Fresh Flowers- a heartfelt piece on the importance and impact of local flowers.


 Flower Farming Resources

The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski- an essential how-to resource for any aspiring cut flower grower.

Building Soils for Better Crops by Fred Magdoff and Harold Van Es- an excellent approachable guide to sustainable soil management.

Organic Farmer's Business Handbook by Richard Wiswall- a great guide to the business side of farming.

Cool Flowers by Lisa Mason Ziegler- our friend Lisa has written this beautiful book packed with information on cool-weather techniques for over-wintering flowers, many of which we're putting into practice here at Blue Heron. 

Growing for Market Magazine- an informative trade publication packed with information on all aspects of small scale agriculture, with at least one flower-specific article in each issue.

The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG)- an incredible resource helping flower growers connect with and learn from a network of over 600 cut flower growers around the country.